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Profile of Shusaku Kimura representatives of the Corporation crampons comprehensive office of Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City.
Born in 1973. Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture from. Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube High School, Sophia University, Faculty of Law, Law of International Relations Department of graduation. Through Isuzu Motors Ltd., translation companies, real estate companies, etc., and opened a comprehensive crampons Co. office in Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City.



〒812-0013 No. 5, No. 19 Sun Life third floor of Building 6, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Hakataekihigashi 2-chome

Phone number: 092-481-3087
Fax: 092-481-5656

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Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Baikoen 3-chome No. 1
Transportation information
About 1 minute Nishitetsu "Baikoen opening" walk
About 14 minutes subway line Nanakuma "Ropponmatsu" walk
Completed years
2000/10 ~ 2008/07
Common service fee (per month / yen)
Month or equivalent of 3 monthly rent
Key money and renewal fee, guarantor
To contact the jurisdiction for more information.
second share deposit_s deposit_2 kinkyo

Elevator, Auto lock, BS, BS・CS, CATV, Toilet bus call, Automatic hot water tension, Hot water supply, High-speed Internet

■Supplementary Information

  • Please contact us for hot water supply installation site.
  • 110 ° CS has been installed in the 2-4 Building.
  • CATV are available are: COM Fukuoka.
  • VDSL system CATV, of NTT, VDSL system of KDDI, residential building LAN (2 ~ 4 Building) are available high-speed Internet. (You will be asked to use signed a separate agreement with each company on the occasion of the use (s))
  • shampoo Dresser floor heating has been installed in the 2-4 Building.

Property Details

An example of a floor plan that you can see it by clicking the housing form.

Housing form
Indoor floor area(㎡)
Rent (per month / yen)
Management number of units
34.17 ~ 43.01
51,200 ~ 68,700
alone plural company
50.39 ~ 64.84
66,700 ~ 90,800
alone plural company
51.73 ~ 54.12
67,700 ~ 79,400
alone plural company
62.49 ~ 76.48
78,300 ~ 108,600
alone plural company
81,000 ~ 89,300
alone plural company
73.60 ~ 100.86
88,700 ~ 126,700
plural company
floor plan

※In the table "management number of units", and a representation of the accepted target number of units of each type, if there is no fees will be accepted.
Please note that it is not a number of fees.
※There are cases where the addition of the equipment, the maximum amount of rent has become a change. For more information, please contact us.

※Property Information on this page is intended 2015/05/01 current.

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